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Individual Online Training
Anywhere in the World!

A gift of COMPUTER TRAINING !!! A Special Gift for that person who has everything!
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Learn at your own pace
Live interactive computer instruction directly to your PC!
Schedule the session at YOUR convenience!
Evenings & Weekends available!
You pick the length of the session (1 hour minimum)
You pick the number & frequency of sessions
All you need is an Internet connection
Communicate directly to the instructor
with microphone and speakers
Optionally, use telephone to communicate
Select specific topics, or let us show you "how"
No time wasted on things you already know
No time wasted on things you don't care about
No time waiting for the instructor to help other students

Choose Basic, Intermediate
 or Advanced lessons in:

Moving to Office 2016

Whether you know absolutely nothing about personal computers or you are just looking to brush up on a few skills, individualized online computer instruction can provide the help you need. Now, the miracle of the Internet enables LIVE computer instruction to come to you directly through your computer!  No need to travel, or even get dressed up!

This section describes the individualized online computer instruction program offered by ComputerMagic Corporation.

Here's How It Works

After connecting to the Internet, you start your web browser (such as Internet Explorer) and enter our training web site at a predetermined time and date.  Our instructor greets you and gives you a quick tour of the web site so you understand how to use it.  Then, the training session begins!  You see the Instructor's computer screen and listen to the Instructor as the material is presented.  You can click a button to "raise your hand" and ask a question at any time.  You communicate back to the Instructor through your microphone.  (If you prefer, you can call the Instructor on the telephone and communicate that way).  The Instructor can also give you "control" of the mouse, so you can point and click on the screen to test your knowledge or ask a question.

After a predetermined time (typically between 1 and 3 hours), your lesson is over.  You are then encouraged to review the material and practice the techniques on your own.  Additional lessons can be scheduled to clarify topics or cover new material.  When you are satisfied that you know the material, then we are satisfied too!  No need to commit to a minimum number of sessions.

Here's a screen shot from a sample training session. 

The upper left square lists the participants.  The middle left area can be used for keyboard "chat".  The lower left area allows you to turn your microphone on and off, as well as adjust speaker and microphone volumes.

The large right half of the screen is the student's view of the Instructor's computer.  In this example, a lesson in Microsoft Excel 2007 is in progress.

How does this differ from classroom instruction?

The sessions are scheduled based on your availability and on your computer - NO TRAVEL INVOLVED! We cover topics to the level of detail that you desire, spending as much time as necessary on areas that you find interesting or confusing. You learn at your own pace, not at that of the instructor or other students in a class. There is no "wasted" time covering subjects that are not in your particular area of interest. You don't have to be afraid of asking a "stupid" question in front of other students. Also, we do not make you sit in a classroom for eight hours of training in a single day (not a good way to learn)!

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What is being taught?

If you have a special area of interest, we can tailor lessons to cover your particular needs. In addition, you can choose from the following topics:

  • Everyday Uses for Personal Computers
  • Accessing the Internet
  • Sending/Receiving E-mail over the Internet
  • Surfing the Web
  • Creating Your Own World Wide Web Page
  • Understanding Microsoft Windows
  • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  • Spreadsheet Applications (Microsoft Excel)
  • Data Base Systems (Microsoft Access)
  • Professional Presentations (Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • Making the change to Microsoft Office 2007

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Where and when are the lessons conducted?

LIVE sessions are be conducted on your personal computer. Evening and weekend appointments are available to accommodate any schedule.

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What hardware and software do I need to get started?

All you need is a personal computer with Internet access!  A microphone and speakers (or a headset with both) enables us to communicate over the Internet at no cost.  Optionally, you can call the Instructor with your telephone to communicate that way - your standard phone rates apply.

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Who should enroll?

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, managers or anyone who needs to use personal computers and wants to understand them better.
  • Professionals who want to get better utilization from personal computers that they already use.
  • Homemakers who are looking for a skill base on which to reenter the work force.
  • Students who may need to use personal computers to assist with their schoolwork.
  • Children with an interest in computers.
  • Anybody with an interest in learning more about the power and practical use of personal computers.

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What are the qualifications of the instructors?

Although there are several teachers on staff, Ken Jensen is the founder of ComputerMagic Corporation and is our primary instructor. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1972. Fascinated by computers, he continued study at the University, receiving a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science the next year. Since that time, he has held various technical and management positions in the Data Processing Industry around the country. Mr. Jensen also has been teaching at the college level since 1992.

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How long does it take to become proficient?

That depends on what topics you study, how extensive your computer knowledge is already, how quickly you learn and many other factors. The beauty of individualized instruction is that you make progress at the pace that's exactly right for you!

Most people show significant progress after a couple hours of training. Without any prior experience, you can expect to be able to use software products such as Microsoft Word or Excel with confidence after 3 to 5 hours of training.

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How does the cost compare to classroom instruction?

Very favorable! The cost for an online training session is just $50 per hour! This sounds more expensive than some classroom training if you calculate the cost per hour. However, individual training is much more convenient, since you attend at your own computer!  It is also more efficient, since there is no "wasted" time waiting for the instructor or other students. Also, you do not cover topics that do not interest you or are not relevant to your needs. You learn exactly what you need to learn, have time to practice and review on your own and can continue with subsequent lessons until you are satisfied with your knowledge. There is no contract to sign nor minimum number of sessions required. And, you don't have to sit in front of the computer for eight hours at a time!

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Can I invite a friend to learn with me?

Yes, if that's what you prefer. Your friend can be in the same room with you, or at another computer ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!  All three of us will be able to hear each other and talk to each other through the web site.  The cost for training two people simultaneously is $65 per hour (instead of $50).  However, no more than two students will be admitted to a lesson in order to preserve the advantages of individualized instruction as described in this section.  Group training (from 3 to 9 simultaneous students) can also be scheduled.  Pricing varies based on content and length.  Call ComputerMagic Corporation at (412)585-1037 for more information. You can also E-mail questions or comments to

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How do I register for instruction?

Call ComputerMagic Corporation at (412)585-1037 to register. You can also E-mail questions or comments to

Or, you can fill out this simple form and click the SUBMIT button.

Your name:

What topic(s) do you wish to learn?

How can we contact you?
(Email address, Telephone Number, Mailing Address, etc.):

Comments or Questions:


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How do I pay for the session?

Since our online training sessions can be anywhere in the world, payment in advance of the session is required.  We can send you an Invoice for payment by check, or you can use

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